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Posted By ChoohChaCha on Nov 6, 2009 at 7:58AM

Goal Number 1.

What I want to achieve:

Fear of Flying - rocket to the moon

Strumming Pattern

If the moon fell down tonight

Mariage d'amor

Canon in d

What Am I going to do to achieve it :

1) Play guitar at least 1 - 2 hours per day
2) Read up on guitar music theory
3) Go to website and learn the strumming pattern , fingering warm up.
4) Die Die Die never give up attitude !!!!

Goal Number 2 !!!

Cooking !

What I want to achieve :

1) Learn the basic - Frying , baking blah blah blah .
2) Cook a full course Meal
3) Learn from mother ( take notes )
4) Spagehtti
5) Muffins and cookies
6) Fish , pork , chicken porridge ;)
7) Read up Read up Read up !!!

How Am I going to achieve It :

1) Read up Read up Read up !!!

2) Practise cooking ??

3) Accquire Tips ? From mother ?

Goal Number 3

Basketball !!

What am I going to do :

1) Increase my vertical Jumps
2) Increase my ability of ball handling
3) Increase my penetrating
4) Increase my foot speed

How am I going to achieve It :

1) Do exercise that allow me to reach my goal ( squats and blah blah blah )
2) Read up and Practise it
3) Do exercises every night before I sleep ( Ball handling skills , squats , training my leg muscle )
4) Play basketball regularly But REMEMBER ! Do not Do not put sandy aside , still must message her !!!

Goal Number 4


What I want to achieve

1) Skills sufficient to take beautiful memories
2) Many Many beautiful photos ( with sandy )
3)Own a Camera
4) Own a photobook of pictures i have taken

How am I going to achieve it:

1) Earn/ Save enough money to buy a very very good camera .
2) Learn the skills through reading
3) Borrow inspiring picture book
4) Put my skills down to work by taking many many many pictures
5) Buy a photo book with many many many many many many many many pictures

Goal Number 5

what I want to achieve:

1) Able to Draw many many many different type of pictures
2) Make drawing my hobby ( Nothing is achieved easily , everything is achieved through hard work)
3) Draw an ablum of picutures

How am I going to achieve:

1) Read up and practise drawing
2) Perfect practise makes perfect.
3) Buy the needed equipment
4) Get information from webstie
5) Do not be lazy , Draw, Just keep drawing , Get a drawing tool box ;)
6) Make it my drawing , I want to be able to decorate !

Goal Number 6

Neat and Tidy Handwring

1) Look at my flaws ,
2) Search for methods to improve my handwriting

Goal Number 7

Make Sandy's and My Holiday very very enjoyable , Make every single time we spent together very very worthwhile

1) Do things that Please Her
2) Work - $$$
3) Buy her present

Goal Number 8

Read Read Read

Buy The book Master your mind Design your destiny - Adam khoo
Age proof your brain - Tony buzan

First post

Posted By ChoohChaCha on Nov 6, 2009 at 7:26AM

This is my my my my my very very very first first post post .


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